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 the team of veterinarians and Specialized Veterinary Auxiliaries (ASV) are at the service of animal owners.

Our clinic has technical means adapted to your companions, regularly renewed so as to constantly offer you the best possible treatment conditions.

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In case of emergency :

Delta Veterinary Emergencies (UVD), a home emergency service and emergency clinic, provide our emergencies during the clinic’s closing hours. They can be reached by dialing our clinic number.

04 97 21 35 80


Veterinaire Valbonne


What makes the link between all the years are above all the patients and their masters with whom we have forged special relationships, it is also a team that has gradually grown around common values and projects.

From reception to surgery, day after day, you have to know how to work as a team to give the best.

To hear, to understand, to help each other, to complement each other, to talk to each other, veterinarians and assistants form a real team around the patient.

Les vétérinaires


Dr Sandrine BONICHON

École Nationale vétérinaire de Toulouse

Dr Giulia TOVANI

Université de Pise

parlo Italiano ! Drapeau Italien




ASV, Diplômée de Supvéto Aix-en-Provence



En formation au GIPSA d’Antibes


An unmissable event

Annual health check

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The annual health visit is an essential event for any responsible teacher. For our companions, the years go by faster. Do we not say that one year for a human being corresponds to seven years for a dog? During each annual health visit, the veterinarian, very involved in preventive medicine:

  • perform a clinical examination
  • early search for possible progressive diseases
  • updates vaccines
  • updates administrative documents
  • take stock with you on behavior, diet, hygiene


Appropriate drugs


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In most families of drugs, we have a range adapted to each animal species. If the medication for your pet’s treatment is available, you can take it immediately at the clinic.

Note: retail delivery is governed by article L.5143-2 of the Public Health Code. This law specifies that the veterinarian is only authorized to dispense medicines for animals for which he personally takes care of. We cannot therefore keep the pharmacy open or dispense regulated drugs outside of the visits.


Food, hygiene, prevention


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Our team of assistants is trained to advise you and offer you the items we have selected for their effectiveness and safety.

Our sales area is freely accessible during opening hours. Our products available over the counter:

  • Food for dogs, cats and Nacs
  • External antiparasitics
  • Internal antiparasitics (dewormers)
  • Dental hygiene products
  • Ear and eye hygiene products
  • Shampoos
  • Food supplements



Equipment and skills


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We are equipped with an operating room that allows us to perform common surgeries, such as sterilizations or scalings, but also more delicate operations that require advanced qualifications and equipment.

Our block is equipped in particular:

  • a gas anesthesia machine, making it possible to precisely dose the quantities of anesthetic and therefore, to gain in efficiency and safety.
  • a cardiac and respiratory monitoring device
  • an electrocardiograph
  • a resuscitation device

We are particularly attached to the safety of your companions and the prevention of pain, for which we have implemented a specific protocol.

The animals, at the end of the operation, are placed in our hospitalization area, where they wake up under the supervision of veterinarians and nurses.

Veterinary Valbonne Surgery


To avoid many problems


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Neutering is an essential act if your companion is not intended to have offspring. Indeed, non-castrated males have embarrassing behaviors: aggressiveness, running away, urine marking. And those same males are attracted to unsterilized females in heat. In addition, neutering protects against diseases, in particular cancers. We recommend neutering : cats between 5 and 6 months bitches preferably before the first heat, ie between 6 and 8 months depending on the breed.
Veterinarian Valbonne Neutering


Fore more safety


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The anesthesia causes a decrease in heart and respiratory activity. By visualizing in real time, body temperature, heart rate, respiration, blood oxygen levels, we are able to ensure greater safety while performing surgeries.
Veterinarian Valbonne Anesthesia



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If humans are often prone to cavities, this is not the case for pets: dogs are prone to tartar, which accumulates and causes loosening and infections of vital organs, while the tooth becomes damaged. Even is little affected, in cats, teeth can necrode.For all these reasons, the oral examination is, for us, a very important issue and we make sure, at each of your visits, to be very vigilant on this point . in rabbits, tooth growth is continuous, and it may be necessary to intervene


Long-term medical surveillance


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After surgery or due to an illness requiring intensive care, your companion may be admitted to one of our hospitalization areas. We have a dog area, a cat area and a space reserved for contagious animals.

clinique vétérinaire de l'Ile Verte, Valbonne, Analyses Médicales

In practice !


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If the state of health of your companion requires it, we can carry out a blood test on site and immediately. Thus, the diagnosis can be established without you having to come back or make an appointment in an analysis laboratory. A blood test, and fifteen to twenty minutes later, we will communicate the results to you!


Monday-Friday : 9- 12 am and 3 – 7 pm

Saturday morning  from 8am to 1 pm

By appointment


Clinique Vétérinaire de l’Ile verte

33 Chemin du Collet Darbousson

06560 Valbonne

04 97 21 35 80

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